Self-isolate & do not row if:

  • you are “shielding”
  • you have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • you've tested positive for coronavirus – this means you have coronavirus
  • you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive
  • someone in your support bubble has symptoms or has tested positive

If you have either had Covid 19 or have been self isolating, please follow the national guidelines (including consulting your general practitioner if required) before returning to rowing.

In practice this means:

  • Change into & out of rowing clothing at home
  • Use toilet facilities ONLY at the RWBSWC so:
    • no showering
    • don’t enter the clubhouse proper
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
    • Cox to wear facemask if stroke from different household/bubble
  • Only one crew at a time to handle a boat
  • Each crew member to stay at their position and only handle their own oar
  • When beaching, leave oars in rowlocks to avoid passing oars to others
  • Put your own oar away after sanitising
  • Board the boat at the individual position ie stroke to enter at stroke position & no travelling up & down the boat
  • No changes of position during a session except:
    • Cox & stroke can change position if from same household/bubble
  • Each rower to disinfect their own equipment & station with saniwipes before & following use.

Your personal details will be used to track and trace any potential outbreaks so you must register to row. Should a known or suspected Coronavirus case occur in the training or play environment, or an individual be identified as a contact of a known case, the individual/s in question should immediately self-isolate (as well as their household), follow the Welsh Government’s self-isolation guidelines and apply for a Coronavirus test. The designated medical officer of the WSR should be immediately informed if not involved with identifying and isolating the case at the training venue.

The individual affected and anyone they may have come into close contact with in the training or play environment should be reminded of the actions they should take as part of the Welsh Government’s Test, Trace, Protect strategy, designed to enhance health surveillance in the community, undertake effective and extensive contact tracing, and support people to self-isolate where required to do so. Test, Trace, Protect will mean asking people to report symptoms, testing anyone in the community who is showing symptoms of Coronavirus, and tracing those they have come into close contact with.

About us

Moelfre Rowing Club which was established in 2005, received a community facilities grant in 2006 to purchase a Celtic Longboat named Joseph Rodgers. The Club was set up to give local people of all ages the opportunity to participate in water based activities, encouraging healthy lifestyles.

The Club meets throughout the year, usually on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings at Traeth Bychan, a sandy beach just south of Moelfre. Red Wharf Bay Sailing and Watersports Club allow us to use their clubhouse and facilities. Activities include a number of coastal rowing day trips where the beautiful coastline and wildlife of Anglesey can be seen from a new perspective. We also take part in race meetings with other rowing clubs and can sometimes be found in local pubs, carrying out 'research'.

We are always interested in recruiting new members, whatever their level of ability or ambition. Our focus is on inclusion and friendly support. 



Our new Celtic longboat "Eirianell" was delivered to the club in September 2020. She is so named in honour of the Morris brothers, the polymath champions of the Welsh language who lived just to the north of Moelfre.

There is a celtic cross which was erected in memory of the Morris brothers in September 1910. The cross has been erected on land within the farmstead of Pentre Eirianell, former home to the four brothers who were renowned scholars, historians and surveyors in the early C18.


Traeth Bychan

Coastal sculling

The club now has a very nice coastal double scull.


Joseph Rodgers

Our first Celtic longboat is named in honour of one of the heroes of the tragic wrecking of the steam clipper, the Royal Charter.Joseph Rogers being named by Raymond Agius

Joseph Rodgers (Guzeppi Ruggier) was a Maltese seaman and crewmember of the doomed Royal Charter. When the ship was wrecked off Moelfre in the worst storm in the 19th Century he, in an act of great heroism, was able to reach the shore with a line. This enabled the setting up of a Breeches Buoy/Bosun's Chair and, with the courageous efforts of the locals who formed a human chain in the waves, led to a number of lives being saved.