Montford Challenge CrewMoelfre Rowing Club was established in 2005 when it received a community facilities grant in 2006 to purchase a Celtic Longboat named Joseph Rodgers. The Club was set up to give local people of all ages the opportunity to participate in water based activities, encouraging healthy lifestyles. After a fallow period when the boat was loaned to a neighbouring rowing club, the club was re-established by 5 keen rowers in 2016 with the help of one of the original members. Since then we've grown in size but maintained the friendly inclusive attitude which led to the club being formed in the first place.

The Club meets throughout the year, usually on Sunday mornings and Tuesday eveningsBwa Du at Traeth Bychan, a sandy beach just south of Moelfre. All our members also belong to Red Wharf Bay Sailing and Watersports Club and so we have the benefit of the use of an amazing clubhouse clubhouse and facilities right on the beach. Activities include a number of coastal rowing day trips where the beautiful coastline and wildlife of Anglesey can be seen from a new perspective. We also take part in race meetings with other rowing clubs and can sometimes be found in local pubs, carrying out 'research'. We are always interested in recruiting new members, whatever their level of ability or ambition. Our focus, as always, is on inclusion and friendly support.

With the help of Sports Wales and The Isle of Anglesey Charitable fund, we've recently acquired a coastal double scull and another celtic longboat as well as two new single sculls. These additional boats will help us to introduce more people to our sport!