We have a double yole, Môr Wennol, made by Swift Racing.

For racing, Swift Racing Coastal/Offshore boats are FISA certified and have close to the maximum allowed waterline, in order to optimise boat speed, as well as a sturdy ‘rocker’ for excellent surfing potential.

The strong lip joint construction around each boat increases overall durability and stiffness, whilst making the boats easier to carry, and crucially helps to repel water when rowing through waves. Sweep and Sculling riggers are available.

Swift Racing Coastal/Offshore boats are built using sandwich construction with fibreglass cloth and Lantor coremat, with carbon tape reinforcing the areas of highest stress.

All coastal racing boats weigh in right at the FISA minimum weights allowed.

They have a tough gel coat finish, with light grey hulls and a choice of 4 colours for the upper section.

Designed to Perform

As is standard with the FISA design, there is an open transom, for immediate discharge of water inflow, with a minimal area for water to remain in the cockpit.

There is also a lightweight flap at the stern to prevent the inflow of water from a following wave.

All boats feature a lightweight throw line/tow line in a yellow throw-bag, which is in an easy-to-reach position just behind the bow rower, as well as non-slip surfaces for stepping into the boat, for maximum safety.

Ease and convenience – there are handles both at the bow and stern for easy boat carrying, as well as netted areas to hold small items/drinks and buoyancy aids/life-jackets.