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In any event, please complete the questionnaire before your first rowing session as it is our consent form.

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By submitting the form I have read understood and completed the questionnaire and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers inherent in rowing and physical exercise and duly undertake the activity at my own risk. Moelfre Rowing Club and its members shall not be held liable for any personal accident, accidental damage or loss of life while I am undertaking any rowing or rowing related activities.

If the applicant is under 18 years old, I certify that the applicant has parental consent to undertake club activities.

Dr Simon Burnell is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act. The information provided on this form will be used for Club data purposes. It can be disclosed to other officers, coaches or volunteers within the Club and to other relevant agencies as necessary. Through joining, I agree for the Club to hold the relevant information.

In order to promote the activities of Clwb Rhwyfo Moelfre, the Club will take, store and reproduce photographs of members and others participating in activities associated with the Club. It is essential that any Member who does not authorise for photographs to be taken, used and reproduced confirms their request in writing to the Club Secretary.

Ein lleoliad

Gall y clwb lansio o nifer o safleoedd ar arfordir Ynys Môn.

Ar hyn o bryd mae Joseph Rogers yn cael ei gadw yn Nhraeth Bychan.


Where we are

The club can launch from a number of sites on the Anglesey coast. Please contact us to find out when & from where we're rowing!

Joseph Rodgers is currently in Traeth Bychan.


Amdanon ni

Derbyniodd Clwb Rhwyfo Moelfre, a sefydlwyd yn 2005, grant cyfleusterau cymunedol yn 2006 i brynu Cwch Celtaidd cwch, a enwyd yn 'Joseph Rogers'. 

Sefydlwyd y clwb er mwyn rhoi cyfle i i bobl leol o bob oed cymryd rhan mewn gweithgareddau dŵr, gan annog ffyrdd iach o fyw. 

Mae'r Clwb yn cyfarfod trwy'r blwyddyn, fel arfer ar fore dydd Sul ac ar nos Fawrth. Rydym yn rhwyfo o Draeth Bychan ger Moelfre. Rydym yn ffodus iawn i dderbyn gefnogaeth Clwb Hwylio Traeth Coch i ddefnyddio ei gyfleustaerau sydd gerllaw y traeth.

Mae'r clwb yn ymgymryd â nifer o deithiau estynedig arfordirol, sy'n cyfle i weld arfordir Ynys Môn o safbwynt newydd. Rydym hefyd yn cymryd rhan mewn rasus gyda clybiau eraill ac yn gwneud 'gwaith ymchwil' mewn tafarndai lleol.

Mae'r clwb yn chwilio am aelodau newydd o hyd, beth bynnag yw maint eu allu a'i uchelgais. Ethos y clwb yw magu cynhwysiad mewn awyrgylch gyfeillgar a chefnogol.


Joseph Rodgers

Our first Celtic longboat is named in honour of one of the heroes of the tragic wrecking of the steam clipper, the Royal Charter.Joseph Rogers being named by Raymond Agius

Joseph Rodgers (Guzeppi Ruggier) was a Maltese seaman and crewmember of the doomed Royal Charter. When the ship was wrecked off Moelfre in the worst storm in the 19th Century he, in an act of great heroism, was able to reach the shore with a line. This enabled the setting up of a Breeches Buoy/Bosun's Chair and, with the courageous efforts of the locals who formed a human chain in the waves, led to a number of lives being saved.


About us

Moelfre Rowing Club which was established in 2005, received a community facilities grant in 2006 to purchase a Celtic Longboat named Joseph Rodgers. The Club was set up to give local people of all ages the opportunity to participate in water based activities, encouraging healthy lifestyles.

The Club meets throughout the year, usually on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings at Traeth Bychan, a sandy beach just south of Moelfre. Red Wharf Bay Sailing and Watersports Club allow us to use their clubhouse and facilities. Activities include a number of coastal rowing day trips where the beautiful coastline and wildlife of Anglesey can be seen from a new perspective. We also take part in race meetings with other rowing clubs and can sometimes be found in local pubs, carrying out 'research'.

We are always interested in recruiting new members, whatever their level of ability or ambition. Our focus is on inclusion and friendly support.